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Nic Posa

Nic Posa

Nic grew up in Toronto's east end surrounded by a wall of R+B artists. When we was just a kid he skipped school to attend the Toronto's Sound Show at Maple Leaf Garden. This was an all day concert featuring some of Toronto's hottest band at the time. This is where the love affair began.

In high school he joined his first rock band - a trio playing tunes from Cream, Hendrix etc. During that time he saw his first R+B concert and yes, shortly thereafter he bought his first pair of orange coloured shoes. The boy was lost in a sea of music.

Over the years he has played with numerous bands, rock, blues, MOR, jazz always with one goal, to continue his love affair with music. Nic, has played Drums, Bass, Baritone and Alto Sax but the one instrument that has become his mistress in life is his guitar.

His mantra is simple - "it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing." What he's referring to is expressing passion, feeling and soul within the music journey.

The group consists of

Here is a sampling of what we play.

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